Most training sites have it wrong!
They focus on imitating, not educating.

Watching other pros play is fun, but if those videos don't make you a better player, it doesn't matter. All I care about is helping you to build a strong and adaptive poker strategy.

...all I care about is helping YOU become the best poker player you can be. I’ll analyze your game, find the areas that need to be improved and come up with a personalized plan to upgrade your poker strategy. After our first session, I’ll use math to show you the critical weaknesses in your reasoning and poker strategy… and what steps need to be completed to bulletproof your game.

I can offer my inclusive and tailored-to-you service to only 9 clients at a time. Therefore, I’ve got the capacity to take on only one new client over the next month and maybe one or two more within the next six months.

And this brings me to my last point, which is enormously important. You can continue getting chased around by training sites pushing the latest 'pro video'. Or, if we both like what you see, we may be able to work together, in which case you don’t have to think about it anymore. You can sleep at night knowing someone isn’t going to try to impress you with stories but rather with strategies.


Phil Rocquemore


P.S. My clients come to me because they want to learn how to identify their opponents' strategies and respond with the most effective counter-strategy. Contact me today to block anyone else from taking your slot.


Here are the clients I work with

Before I take you on as a client, I want you to read the case studies below, because they're the results you can expect

I build better poker players. I don't care about watching yet another pro play yet another hand...

My strategic services are not for you if...

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Fill out the form below, and I will personally arrange a time for you and me to have a confidential chat about upgrading your poker game. Let’s have a candid discussion about the services you need and see if I’ll be able to help.


"I have helped transform break-even players into six-figure winners, and I’d like to see if I can do the same for you."

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone to take away all the stress of bulletproofing your game, with an inclusive, done-for-you service, we’ll be a good fit. You’ll become part of an exclusive group of clients that get access to the most powerful PLO analysis in the industry.

Are you interested in bulletproofing your game?

How about with very few tough calculations on your part? Well if that’s the case, this is going to be the most exciting message you will ever read…

Here is why:

My name is Phil Rocquemore, and in addition to running two successful poker strategy blogs, Cardquant and Quadrophobia, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world playing pretty much every stake, getting results in some of the most competitive poker games online like High-stakes PLO on Pokerstars.

In addition to me, you get access to my poker training platform, which has a wealth of resources for many post-flop situations. I’ve worked, hands on, with the most analytical online poker players from all around the world:

Phil Rocquemore is an entrepreneur, poker researcher and strategic specialist. He founded Cardquant and Quadrophobia, and holds a degree in Physics from the University of Oxford and was a Thouron Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

Phil has contributed to making me think very critically about my game and the decisions I make, pointing out blind spots. All the time Phil is coming up with new arguments I hadn’t thought of before. Stay away if you don’t like to learn!

Jorryt van Hoof
High stakes Poker Pro

I have worked with about 4 different coaches before Phil and I haven't had such an analytical and precise coach before... willing to put that much effort into the coaching sessions and explain theory so well and so fluently. I can highly recommend Phil as a coach.

David Mezei
PLO Professional, PLO $400 - $2k

Phil Rocquemore




You want to spend all your time learning and trying to implement an effective game theoretic strategy for yourself piece by piece.

You’re not willing to plug leaks in your game or are uninterested in new and innovative tactics.

You’d rather teach yourself (and you’re happy to spend your time analyzing 7,722 different flop textures and you want to watch all the 'must-view' pro videos every week to keep up with the tools, strategies, and decision metrics that will keep you ahead).


Hurry! Only 1 spot is available

John Beauprez

“Phil has a top-notch understanding of PLO theory, and can teach you how to stay competitive in today’s tough PLO games.”

Get your Confidential Consultation with Phil


Get your Confidential Consultation with Phil


In Heads-up (HU) and Six-max (6m) cash games and online tournaments (MTTs).

With players with all levels of mathematical experience: from high school education to an engineering degree.

With players of all stake levels: from the Most Ambitious Small-stakes players to Accomplished HIgh-stakes crushers and WSOP Champions.


Using a set of effective approaches: ranging from Formal Game Theory Presentations to Opponent Deconstruction and Video and Database Reviews of your personal game.

Using Structured Learning: You get Training Assignments designed to give you the deliberate practice you need to get better in a fraction of the time it takes from passive learning methods.


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